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Health Talk 360 Radio, we connect people with the information, conversations, community resources, and experts that enhance health and life. Listen to our informative interviews.

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Health Talk 360 is all about connection. We are committed to improving the health and well being for every person. We connect with communities to host forums and bring together experts in their respect fields and the communities they serve. Often there are cultural barriers or stigmas that can prevent information from getting to those who need it most. Likewise, health expeerts need ro also hear from the communities they serve. Hence, Health Talk 360s goal, to connect, communicate, and enhance.
Community = Connection

Health Talk 360

Health Talk 360 Radio, we connect people with the information, conversations, community resources, and experts that enhance health and life. Listen to our informative interviews.

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Because we believe that health is the sum reflection of the wellness of our mind, body and spirit. We connect you with health tips and experts that provide services such as counseling, Weekly groups and help you to support your wellness. Since our best health is achieved by focusing on the total body; mind mind, body and Spirit, we also connect you with alternative health resources, including yoga and meditation that often help us to achieve balance.

About Health Talk 360

Founder – LaKenya (McClough) Jordan is the founder and host of Health Talk 360. As a Northern California native, she grew up in a small urban town called Vallejo, where she learned to value community and the keys to sustaining health. She is a dynamic leader, and a powerful connector between communities, business and policy.

LaKenya is a champion for others who believes in empowering people with the tools, information and resources they need to live stronger, healthier lives. Her vision is to encourage a full circle, 360 degree perspective about health in every person so that our new focus becomes health in mind, body, and spirit.

LaKenya’s background includes policy, public health, community engagement, empowerment and government.

Medicine, Policy, & Community

How She Got Started – LaKenya was preparing for medical school completing her undergraduate studies at St. Mary’s College in Moraga , California while working at Children’s Hospital Oakland. It was there that she began to engage with medical doctors and clinical psychologists who were also doing the heavy lift of working to change policy (laws) impacting the local community and overall in the State. LaKenya’s eyes were opened as she began to understand that while becoming a doctor would save lives, and it was the policy work that could sustain life and help communities thrive on an exponential scale.

After earning an Associate degree in Science and Bachelor’s degree in Communications, LaKenya earned a Master’s degree in Public Health bridging the worlds of medicine and policy. From there she was selected to work as an Executive Fellow under the Schwarzenegger Administration and worked extremely hard to become a connector and shaper of policy for the State of California.

The Health Talk 360 Approach

Health Talk 360 is your source for health information, news, and resources. Our core belief is that your total health is the sum of what we do, think, say, eat, and what we surround ourselves with every day, including our environment, the places, and people we connect with everyday,

Health Talk 360 empowers and informs. Our radio show discussions, website, news articles, and community outreach help connect you to a full spectrum of health information, tools and resources that help you live well and thrive!

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Healthy Relationships with family, friends, dating, life
Eat well, enjoyable and well balanced meals and recipes

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